Let us first understand what Lint is.



When I visited many of the companies who use Lint Free Cloth, I was astonished that the person who is using Lint Free cloth is not aware about the properties of Lint Free Cloth. Sometimes traders sell Cotton cloth of remnant pieces of undergarment hosiery cloth as Lint Free Cloth. Or Terry cot fabric is sold as Lint Free Cloth for cleaning. I took the cloth and rubbed it vigorously by hand.

Now I hold the edge of the fabric against light. Tiny fibers were visible protruding on the fabric surface. These are Lint. When fabric is woven with spun yarn it always gives out Lint; however cautiously you manufacture or give treatment while processing the fabric, the short fiber i.e. Lint is always visible on the surface. You may check it on any of the fabric you wear or use.

This Lint is not good for wiping. The fabric cleans the surface virtually but it is bound to keep the lint on the surface you have cleaned. I deliberately used the word ‘virtually’ because the Lint may not be visible to naked eye. You may feel or rather may believe that the surface is Lint Free but it is not! Here comes the roll of Lint Free Cloth. The Lint Free Cloth is woven with high quality Polyester Filament which does not give out Lint during any process. Of course, you have to use it in a proper way.